The Château Damase is the promise of a light wine with a touch of originality.


The story
This wine is dominated by the grape variety Merlot which brings a fruity and an acidity superbly balanced and ripe and rounded tannins. This forms a very beautiful wine with a balance to last and an enviable fruity in its youth. It is accompanied by the grape variety Carménère, forgotten grape variety of Bordeaux, which offers it unique flavors.
The vintage
The 2016 vintage is a nice wine with red fruit aromas, soft and balanced it is a pleasant wine to share around a friendly meal like a barbecue or an aperitif. The vines are grown on silico-clay soils on a carpet of iron dirt.
The 14.5 hectare vineyard spreads over clay soil and enjoys a southern exposure nestled on hillsides overlooking the Isle near Fronsac, the famous Libournais appellation. Merlot is the king grape variety, accompanied by Petit Verdot but also Carmenère, forgotten grape variety put on the front of the stage by the Château Damase.
Mechanical sorting in the cellar at the arrival of the harvest and then traditional vinification in thermoregulated stainless steel vats punctuated by short and regular winding. A 3-week maceration takes place beforehand.
Aged for 12 months in vats.
Cabernet franc
Petit verdot
Alcohol content: 13,5 ABV


Serve at around 17°C, ideally after a 1 hour carafage.
Ageing potential
5 to 10 years
Visual appearance
An intense ruby colour.
At the nose
A fine and greedy nose with notes of crushed strawberry and pepper from the Carménère grape variety.
On the palate
In the mouth the attack is joyful, round and well built, which gives a very pleasant and friendly finish with a well balanced finish.
Food and wine pairings
The cuvée Château Damase will blend perfectly with dishes in sauce, but its sweetness also allows it to be a friendly wine to drink around a barbecue where it will highlight the grills. It can also accompany a plate of soft cheeses.